Feature Comparison

Feature FREE PRO
Retrieve Metadata from 450+ Sites Retrieve Metadata from 450+ Sites
Pluto Video Downloader has direct support to hundreds of sites,
and the Free Edition supports the same sites as the Pro Edition.

Just add (or drag) a link of a video page, and the full information
of the video (including thumbnail) will be retrieved.
Download Videos Download Videos
After adding one or more videos, you can easily download them
based on the quality you choose.

You can also download an entire video playlist by adding
it and selecting all the videos and click ???Download???.
Limited to 3 times Unlimited
Convert Videos to Multiple Formats Convert Videos to Multiple Formats
After downloading the videos, you can easily convert them to
other formats like AVI, MKV, MP3, etc.
Local Media Library Local Media Library
Download clips directly to your private video library, which is accessible
directly from Pluto Video Downloader.

The clips are saved locally on your disk based on the quality you choose,
and all the metadata related to the clips are saved as well.
Online Stream Playlists Online Stream Playlists

Many streaming sites list not only videos, but also playlists.
Pluto Video Downloader can accept links to those playlist pages,
and it will automatically identify and add all the videos in
the playlist. After that, you can play or download any or all
of the videos
Drop Window Drop Window

Adding video streams is very easy. Just drag the link from the
web site (using Chrome or Firefox) to the drop box to add it,
or drag it to the auto play region to add it and automatically
start the standalone player to play the stream directly on
your desktop.
Direct Playback in Standalone Player Direct Playback in Standalone Player

Allows you to watch video streams in a separate player without
the browser, and without downloading the video.

This makes it easier to watch while you work, and frees
you completely from the web browser.
Limited to 10 mins (per list) Unlimited
Bulk Operations Bulk Operations
Once videos are loaded in Pluto Video Downloader, you can
select multiple videos and perform operations like Play,
Download, Convert, Refresh, etc.

Clicking 'Play' when multiple videos are selected will
load the video player and play the videos sequentially.
Limited to 2 items Unlimited
Drop Window Auto-Play Drop Window Auto-Play

You can quickly watch videos in the standalone player without
even opening Pluto Video Downloader's main window.

Just drag the video link to the Auto-Play zone in the drop
box, and the video will start playing in the standalone player.
Limited to 2 times Unlimited
History History
The metadata of all the videos added are automatically saved locally.
You can use the ???Show History??? feature to load all the previous clips,
which are sorted by the date they are added/refreshed.
Limited to 3 items Unlimited
Save Private Playlist Save Private Playlist
You can save online video playlists locally on your computer in a playlist file,
so that you can load it later or send it to a friend.
Quick Download Quick Download (does auto conversion)

Pluto Video Downloader can download then automatically starts the conversion
of a video to a specific format. Otherwise, you have to wait for the download
to finish, then start the conversion.
Fast Audio Extract Fast Audio Extract (fast audio-only downloads)

If you need to just get the sound track of a video, you can use the
Fast Audio Extract which downloads the sound track without the video,
resulting in a smaller download (if available).
View and Specify Exact Format View and Specify Exact Format
You can view all the formats available for a certain video, and choose
which one you want to play/download, instead of the standard quality
levels (High, Medium, etc).
Simultaneous downloads and conversions Simultaneous downloads and conversions
The Pro edition allows you to download and convert multiple
videos at the same time.

Multiple downloads allow you to reach much higher download
speeds. Multiple conversions also finish faster if they are
done in parallel.
Change Advanced Options Change Advanced Options
Many advanced options allow you to change and customize the
behavior of Pluto Video Downloader. This is for the Pro
Edition only.
Use Custom Video Player Use Custom Video Player
Instead of the bundled player, the Pro edition allows you to use
your own video player (if it supports video streams).
Email Support Email Support
Paid users can always contact us for any help, suggestions, or bug reports.

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